Being a “Mountain of God” for the Massai. On its top the god of the tribe has its home. This beautiful stratovolcano lies on the Rift Valley, a cliff-like scrap running from Djibouti to Mosambique. Ol’Doinyo Lengai is one of the most active volcanos of this fault – and moreover he is the only active volcano of the world with carbonatited lava.
The volcano is rarely visited, because you need two to three days from the next airport to reach and access  him.
The climb is not that hard – always about 45° slopes – near the top you have to use your hands because of ash and lava channels.

When To Climb

You can climb the volcano the whole year round, only in the wet seasons (march to may, october to december) the roads are in bad conditions.

Make sure you drink enough water on you way up as it’s a barren and hot environment and many have become dehydrated during the ascent or descent.

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