East Africa Safari Experience (EASE) give you freedom from discomfort,  worry or anxiety which may arouse from the first day you thought of your East Africa Safari idea, knowing not where to start as from where, when, why and how to organise for your East Africa Safari till its end with comfort, by having a rough idea of what's its all about East Africa Safari and with our Experience, we last bring miracles from in within you for you to quench your inner most heart desire on Safari, we are always stand by to assist from your first day knowing us to the last when saying goodbye and us welcoming you again to exploe other remaining unexplored wildlife beauty, culture and people and with experience we guarantee your travel with EASE (East Africa Safari Experience ) whether be a Tailor made Safari or ready made Safari with  Backpacking Safari, Luxury or Budget Safari, just give us your idea from your heart most long lived Safari dream and we shall bring the rest of manifestation to the motion of existence, but if you total can't tailor make your Safari and it pleases you, we have ready made itineraries awaiting your selection due to your budget and time.

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