Uganda Gorilla Trekking Safari

Uganda Gorilla Experience makes it on top of destinations in Africa where you can see the gorillas. You visit Bwindi Forest National Park for the ultimate mountain gorilla trekking.
The other park for gorilla tours in Uganda is Mgahinga national park is also part of the tri national Virunga conservation Area and the habituated gorillas usually cross into DRC, Also hiking to the top of Mt sabinio where Rwanda, Uganda and DRC meet.
This is also an exceptional way of seeing the mountain gorillas in their kingdom and it’s an island of forest that is enclosed by the sea of the densely populated farmland.

Uganda has also got many other activities that can be combined with gorilla trekking and these include; hiking of the Rwenzori, white water rafting on the source of the Nile, chimpanzee trekking and many more.

In the North where the roads wind, you will view Bwindi impenetrable Forest National park full of bio diversity at a lower altitude.
This has got 4 gorilla groups that are well habituated for tourism and there are two more that are habituated to handle the demand. Some of the taxonomists refer to Bwindi gorillas as a separate sub species of the eastern gorilla and the lack of hair on their brow can easily differentiate them from their shaggier Virunga cousins.

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