The name Zanzibar has become synonymous with the exotic. Images of its white sand beaches, azure waters, and iconic dhows plying the waters fill hearts around the world with a sense of the archipelago’s immense beauty and mystery.

The island paradise has considerably darker historic roots as a former trade and slave port during its time as a territory of the Omani Sultanate, and you can still see the Arabic influence when you’re wandering the labyrinthine alleys of historic Stone Town or in the way the Swahili language is a unique blend of local tribal languages and Arabic. You can sense Zanzibar’s Arabic roots in its bustling bazaars, its distinct architecture, and the rich spice culture that still plays a large part in the region’s economy.

This history coupled with the archipelago’s many stunning beaches, picturesque forests, and fragrant spice plantations make it a fascinating tourist destination: the kind of place where you can soak in a melting pot of cultures while also escaping to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches for a little rest & relaxation. Whether you’re visiting at the end of a safari or are coming to Zanzibar for a honeymoon, family trip, or solo beach escape – there is something for everybody on the islands that make up the Zanzibar archipelago.

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